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About A Place for Gift Baskets


A Place for Gift Baskets is an online Gift Shop that makes Shopping for a loved one so much easier , We have an open selection for your pleasure for just about any and every occasion that makes for an exhilarating heart felt  moment and put your mind at ease because we are  committed to serving all our customers’ needs by providing them with the highest level of customer  satisfaction through   every product that we offer.

Every one of our gifts is filled with premium quality products that create a heart touching moment for the recipient. Our goal is to receive one of our gift baskets will leave your loved ones beaming with smiles and show them how much you really care about them.

Our Mission

We want to create a memorable gift giving experiences and emotional connections with customers around the world making everyone feel unique through our online gift shop.

Our Values

Our cherished values are;

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Hard work
  • Dedication
  • Good Quality and Long Lasting Relationships

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the leading source and top online gift shop in the country with an exquisite product-line that exceeds every single expectation of our customers and provides complete satisfaction by executing the highest standard of customer service and relationship.

Our People

The founder of A Place for Gift Baskets is a career-oriented mother who understands how busy life has become for most of us. On many occasions, we want to show the people in our lives how much we appreciate them but we just don’t get the time to go and buy the perfect gift for them, this is where APFGB comes to your rescue at just a click of a button and we make sure that special person receives a special gift getting experience.

Even when we do get the time, we just don’t know what to pick.

The people behind A Place for Gift Baskets want to make the whole process of sending gifts easier and faster for you while maintaining the emotional touch.

Where We Are Now

The company began after we saw a gap in the market for a good and reliable gift delivery service. We saw that the existing services were either unreliable in meeting delivery times or didn’t have the range of gifts that cover every occasion. Some of them just don’t give the quality of service one would expect when receiving a gift.

A Place for Gift Baskets is proud to be one of the best when it comes to service standards and delivery times. Our growing range of gift products covers gifts for every occasion.

APFGB vendors were hand-picked from the very best by the executive team. We continue to seek out the best vendors in the industry with the top brand names. Names that you are familiar with and trust.

How Do We Make Things Unique

The thing that sets A Place for Gift Baskets apart from other services is that we add a touch of personality and dedication into every order to make your loved ones feel special.

We are always happy to work closely with our clients, to find out more about the recipient and offer suggestions on gift ideas.

Our exclusive Members-only wine club features top quality, premium wines that you will not find in your local grocery shops or wineries. Our member’s only wine club wines are imported from overseas give you the taste and experience of a lifetime that others can only dream of.

We deliver our premium quality wines right to your doorstep. To find out more email us at info@aplaceforgiftbaskets.com



Why Choose Us

We have a huge range of gifts in our store. You can browse for gifts based on the occasion, recipient, and kind of product you need. You can select accessories, consumable goods, edibles, beverages, toys, and daily care products.

We cover just about every occasion and holiday  you can think of

Gift Baskets by Occasion

-Anniversary Gift Baskets

-Baby Gift Baskets

-Birthday Gift Baskets

-Graduation Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets by Recipient

-Gift Baskets for Her

-Gift Baskets for Him

-Gift Baskets for kids

Corporate Gift Baskets

-Gourmet Gift Baskets

-Holiday Gift Baskets

-Wine Gift Baskets

Holiday Gift Baskets

-Christmas Gift Baskets

-Halloween Gift treats

-Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Specialty Gift Baskets

-Gardening Gift sets

-Golf Gift Sets

We also cover gifts for more personal celebrations, including:

-Sports Gift Sets

-Wedding favors

-Personalized Gifts

Our Standards

The biggest reason to choose A Place for Gift Baskets is that of our high standards of customer service relations. Each customer is dear to us and every order receives top priority in customer care. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their sentiments do not go unnoticed.

We use our knowledge and vast experience in the gift industry for our client’s benefit. We know the feelings people go through when receiving and opening a gift. We take great care in preparing every gift basket to make sure that the recipient feels special and your appreciation for them is property conveyed.

Happy gifting!



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