Why a Lot Of People are still In the Shopping Spirit After Christmas

Posted by Tara 21/12/2018 0 Comment(s)
I think we can all attest to the last  quarter  of the  year is filled with chilly weather, oversized sweatshirts, if your from the midwest or east coast Wheat Timberland boots would be a given, Oversized sweatshirts, long woven socks puffy coats depending on your fashion style during the winter season    tons of good foods  being cooked  and flaky pie crust being baked in your kitchen's oven the smell of pine trees, warm apples and chess nuts along with hot chocolate beverages and my favorite  shopping sprees! ( oh yes lots of shopping )  You are literally shopping from October through December even after the  Christmas Holiday, the after Christmas day sale becomes a favorite for many because you get the really good deals on items you might not have gotten the best deals on at the beginning of the holiday season, Funny thing is I know this all too well...LoL, I remember being a teenager and almost every year requesting a pair of Jordans (sneakers/shoes) the latest pair out during that time and being rewarded 300 bucks( Christmas money) if my grades were legit, to go shopping for whatever I wanted.  So I really began studying the best times to buy the things of interest to me and getting the best deals to really get a bang for my buck. Of course I wanted to buy new clothes for school and I wanted to get as many matching outfits that 300.00 would allow:) In this blog I am going to share with you the best items to shop for after  Christmas Day/ end of the year shopping,  a nice list of items you will certainly find really good discounts on., and what things you can be sure to get a good deal on!
1)Clothes/ Clothing   You can bet you will save a nice chunk of coins buying new gear the day after Christmas ( the racks are especially messy on this day) but you will be going into the new year in style... So a lot of your favorite retailers will be hosting there biggest end of the year sales and discounts.
2) Electronics- Yes!  You usually get the electronic deals during black Friday or cyber Monday surprisingly your still in the running to get a really good deal on some Samsung products, you won't find major deals or a ton of them, but there are some out there.
3) Video Games -are definitely one of the hotter buys the day after Christmas, which makes total sense, so moms hold your purses until after the Christmas Holiday, sure you may have some upset faces for a day or so, but you will score better deals on the video games the day after Christmas.

4) Home Décor- are you talking about redecorating the house? or moving into a new one? well, this may be the best time to buy up all of your home decors goods, being you are subject to better deals.
5) Exercise Equipment, yep that's right! Are you ready to get back on track with reinventing your ideal body? 2019 is the year to make it happen! & while you're at it save yourself a few hundred dollars on exercise equipment, in the process. if you've been wanting to create that workout space in the comfort of your own home this could save your self a few hundred dollars a year in membership fees, & no more excuses as to why you are not meeting your fitness goals.  Perhaps buying gym equipment for a  fitness business you may have been planning to start. Welp here's your opportunity to cut back on some of your startup cost, by buying your equipment at the right time when the deals are jumping out at

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