What Would Life Look Like If You Did The Unthinkable???

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With only a week into the new year, some of you have probably already fallen off of the goal setting band-wagon with your goals. I totally get it! It can be very difficult sticking to your new routine, in the beginning, but this doesn't mean it's impossible. Like the old saying goes, "if you believe you will achieve" I think a lot of the time we as people get so amped up and excited at the start of our new journey that we dish out so much energy  and we forget the   same energy is required of us  throughout the process to carry us through the finish line. So then the question becomes How can I meet my goals at the finish -line and get the results I'm looking to gain???


What we need is a driving force, something to encourage and keep us motivated whenever we start to lose our interest in our goals.  To Make sure your goals don't go unmet in 2019!

So, here are five effective tactics that can take you into completion mode with executing your goals for 2019 and far beyond my friends...

1- Do NOT Start Big

Don't give yourself challenges that are too big to keep up with at the very start of the year. If losing weight is your resolution, then start going to gym 2 or 3 days a week. Do not start with going to the gym 6 days a week. This will exhaust and bore you in no time, Or learn more about the type of diet you currently have and change your traditional recipes up with new ones that are better for your body.

2- Use The SMART Rule

The use of the SMART rule actually helps in setting a Goal that's doable.

Your Goals for the year 2019 should be specific and absolutely clear. Do you want to lose weight? This is vague. Specify how much weight you want to lose.

You need to measure your performance so that you can keep a track of your progress. Make sure you keep notes, pictures or use an app designed to improve your behavior.

Set goals that are achievable within one year. Do NOT set a goal that might not be possible to do in one year like getting a Ph.D. when you are just starting out in college. Setting unrealistic goals will never work.

Your goals should matter to you and they should be relevant to you. You should have a reason strong enough to make a real effort to fulfill your goal.( What is your WHY?)

Set intermediate goals like levels that can lead you gradually and timely towards your resolution.

3- Make It Public

The more you talk about it to your friends and family, the more you feel the urge to prove yourself to others. That's the kind of motivation that we all need. Maybe someone you share your progress with has a better way of losing weight (if that's your resolution). This could make your life easier.

4- Perfection Is Not What You Are After

Perfection is not what you should run after. It doesn't matter if you were supposed to lose 3lbs in 2 months and you only lost 2lbs. It also doesn't matter if you skipped one gym day a week. You need to keep a margin of error in your resolution.

Making your 2019's resolution last longer and achieving it doesn't mean you have to beat yourself up about it. Realistic resolutions and a steady approach towards them is what will make you reach the finishing point. Small accomplishments towards the fulfillment of a bigger resolution need to be acknowledged and celebrated in order to stay motivated and encouraged. To keep up the progress we can exchange gifts, or perhaps a gift basket of some kind

5-Mindset (Being in the right frame of mind)

Your mindset is the most important part to all of this, without the right mindset it will make you give up easily or never start at all. Positive self-talk and your Key reminders as to WHY you started in the first place.



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