Loyalty Rewards Point Program/VIP Members

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 Loyalty Rewards Point Program/VIP Members



1) What are Customer Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points are digital points that each member receives after every purchase made at our online store frot given to our customers who have created an  online account with our online store



    2)How do you create an online shopping account with a place for gift baskets?

                    3)Why create a customer account?

  •    Creating a customer account will allow you to track all of your placed orders with #apfgb and  you will be able to shop for items much quicker and keep a track record of all your placed  orders this is also  how you will earn your customer loyalty points and how you can track them as well, earning your digital points in the goal of reaching VIP status.


                        4)Why is it important to be a part of our customer rewards program?

  • At a  #apfgb we feel that it's only right to REWARD our customers for shopping with us for example if you have ever owned a rewards credit card, gas station or grocery store scan card  in which you would receive reward points  for all of your purchases you understand how nice it is to be able to redeem those reward points and get discounted items, free shipping free gifts and or other exclusive incentives that you may receive for just being a loyal customer. We offer all of those things and more for our VIP status members! Our goal is to create an extraordinary shopping experience for all of our customers and there loves ones.


       5) What is a VIP member Status?

  • ALL Our of our Loyal customers will receive VIP status making them a priority at all times 24 hr customer support, will receive a free Birthday gift, free shipping on select items. Discount coupons and so much more! Plus all Exclusive Access into our MEMBERS Only Wine and Beer Club !



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