Goals!?!? It's 2019 Who Actually Care About Setting Goals ??

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 Ok, Let's get Real..We are 364 days into  2019 and  I'm sure you've probably set your New Year resolutions. Ok well... maybe that's a good start in the right direction,but  lets go a little bit further in that direction, and what I mean is "Lets take an actionable step" and get a notebook along with  a good writing ink pen ( one that feels so good as your writing it makes you want to continue writing ) LoL! One thing you should think about is  turning your  dreamy resolutions in to actual  goals this  can possibly help you stick to your new year resolutions  planning  out your goals is the real part behind getting serious, about making them your reality,  what type of changes will you have to make in order  get where you are trying to go?? Writing everything out will help make your "Goal Setting Process"  more clear, painting that visual and will demonstrate how serious you truly are about making them come true. A goal without a plan is just a wish, it doesn't go anywhere, it stays right where you left it on the paper, some serious thinking will be required of you before strategizing your plan and during the planning process to complete your goals, Now before you start planning ,  Ask yourself these questions.

1.)Why did you set this goal? 

2.) what are you looking to gain from accomplishing this goal?

3.)Who and why are you doing it for?

4.)How will this goal impact your life? 

5.)What impact will it have on the others around you?

6.)Will you become a better person once you reach your goal?

7.) Are you ready for change?

8.)What changes will you have to make in order to achieve your goals? 


and this is done by writing your answers down and being clear on the Reasons behind your "Set Goals"

Now its time begin" planning process" details are to be added in to your planning process so you know what to do day in and day out, this means  everyday day your working towards your goals until you get the exact results that your looking for, its "Goal Season" for you my dear! and now its time to form a thorough action plan "Goaling Process Strategy". Now your goals become more real to you because you've written them down on paper you have formed a written strategy as  to what your days will look like in the midst of working towards your goals and now you can visually see them clear as day,

  also, setting a deadlines will hold you accountable in meeting your goals. The very first actionable step is so important because your goals are solely backed by "ACTION"  and nothing else. Your goals stand on "Action Alone", you have to know what actions are required of you in achieving your goals. ok, you've set your goals and you've cultivated a plan as to how to accomplish them what's next?

   I also say aside from writing and planning out your goals step by step -write down every distraction that can cause disruption during your "Goal Journey" so you are prepared to block them before they can even happen, and remain focus on accomplishing  your goals , sometimes the bigger picture will feel so far away and you might have those feelings of  discouragement  that can creep in on you and  make you want to throw in the towel, and possibly   give up on yourself, your goals and whoever else is counting on you. Those are going to be the most challenging moments in your "Goaling Process" the battle of self, so you have to cut the unnecessary distractions from people or things that are not serving any purpose in helping you proceed towards your goals.  Perhaps doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with your goals these are only more setbacks.  If you are serious about your goals you have a  deadline set, then you must work until you meet them.  You have to stay clear of those distractions until you accomplish what you're trying to achieve this is so vital in your "Goaling  Process".   and this may be the reason why a lot of people seem to get off track with your resolutions by the 2nd week of January  and then its back to the way you usually do things and you don't follow through with your goals. 

Stay motivated, by watching other people achieve their goals!!! This is my favorite- I love seeing people win and mastering there goal setting techniques and achieving ultimate success in there life because they stuck to there plans...Another way to keep you stay on track to accomplishing your goals, study the people who have achieved the same things you are looking to achieve in your life and learn what changes they made in there life and the sacrifices that were made, its all in how bad do you want it for your self and what are you willing to do to get it, No shortcuts either. Happy 2019 to Everyone!! & I hope you take your "Goaling Journey Serious and make the Most out of this Year!! Wishing you Wellness, Good Health and Lots of Love!!

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